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Our Story

Company Director

As a boy, I always had a fascination with taking things apart and also repairing and building things. Growing up I followed in my Fathers footsteps with electronics, helping him build central heating control circuits.

One of my first jobs was working for a company that sold and repaired cash registers. As I grew older I started a career as a Paramedic, working for the NHS. After 13 years as a full time Paramedic, I wanted to be at home more to see my children, I decided to go back to my passions for electronics and repairing things. I saw how businesses were struggling during Covid and I wanted to provide high quality, affordable cash registers to help new businesses. It was with the huge support of my family and my best friend, that "The Till Guy Limited" was born.

I still work part time as an NHS Paramedic, swapping my soldering iron for a stethoscope and serving my local community.

Several years on, The Till Guy Limited is proud to offer the highest quality refurbished cash registers in the UK.
We have the largest stock of refurbished cash registers and parts in the UK.

Whatever your business needs, we are here to help.



The Till Guy Limited- Proudly part of your business

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