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The Sharp XE-A137 is the upgraded, thermal printer version of the Sharp XE-A107. It is a simple to use machine that is ideal for small to medium shops as it offers the following features:


  • Low power consumption
  • Electronic journal function
  • 8 departments (including text description setting)
  • No sale, paid out and received-on-account functions
  • Post finalization receipt printing
  • SD Card slot for programming and data back up
  • Help key function
  • Memory back up
  • Bright, 7 segment LED operator display
  • Graphic Logo printing
  • Low battery warning
  • Error escape function
  • 200 PLUs (including text description setting)
  • X, Z, Hourly, PLU, Department and Flash reporting function
  • Sales multiplication entry
  • Mixed tender sales (cash, cheque, credit)
  • Automatic VAT calculation
  • 4 programmable VAT rates
  • % discount function
  • Currency exchange
  • Adjustable print format (currency/receipt/journal/date/time/receipt number and subtotal)
  • Single quiet thermal printer (takes standard thermal till roll)
  • Receipt on/off function
  • Removable coin tray
  • Adjustable note tray



  •    Sharp XE-A137W cash register
  •    1 x Program (PGM) key so all functions are available (Please note that the Operator key that locks the cash drawer is not included with this version. If you require this option, please purchase the "Slight use" version)
  •    2 brand new till rolls plus a little extra already loaded so the cash machine is ready to use straight out the box


The memory has been cleared, date and time set and 3 brand new batteries installed.


Technical Specifications:

  • Size 335 x 360 x 190mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight approximately 5.0 kg
  • Power- Standby 1.9 W, Operating 8.1 W
  • Operating temperature 0 to 4 degrees Celsius
  • Humidity 20% to 90%

Sharp XE-A137B Fully Refurbished

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